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    Our logo bears the Edelweiss symbol, the legendary Swiss flower!

    A symbol of strength, coated in harmonious simplicity, the Edelweiss represents for us the history of the people of the Alps and their capacity to survive in union and care for others.

    The curious thing is that this flower is not really a flower, but more than 50 to 500 tiny florets clustered in flower heads , surrounded by white velvety leaves arranged in the shape of a star. Despite its delicate appearance, every organ of this flower has been designed to withstand extreme climates, its underground stems are wind resistant, its leaves are resistant to evapotranspiration and its microstructure protects it from UV rays.

    No wonder it has become a symbol of resistance and survival, and is therefore considered the love talisman of the Alps, as well as a representation of paradise.

    Because of its botanical properties and strong cultural expression, Edelweiss has come to be heavily exploited, both by tourism and the cosmetics industry. This started its extinction risk, which today is aggravated by climatic changes and global warming to which the plant is not prepared to survive.

    As a vegan, eco-conscious company, we are clear about the importance of taking the story of Edelweiss forward. We believe that more than a symbol it is a species, like so many others of the fauna and flora, that need to be looked at, cared for and paid attention to.

    That’s why we took the Edelweiss ahead, in our logo, with its archetypal strength, reminding everyone of its meaning of resistance, love, union and compassion.